Advice for newly diagnosed coeliac or gluten mediated conditions

Here are some of the things I cover during my consultations. This is backed up by a detailed 30+ page booklet and individual meal plans, recipies, etc.

  • Is a little bit of gluten OK? – No it is not. I explain why
  • Naturally gluten free foods are much better than gluten-free manufactured products. Many of the latter are not healthy. I explain why this is and which manufactured foods are OK to have
  • Gluten containing foods – lists available
  • Should I eat corn (maize)? – The answer probably not. A try of corn free is often a good idea. I explain why and tell you about the latest research.
  • Should I eat ‘gluten-free’ oats? -The answer probably not. A try of oats is often a good idea. I explain why
  • Will I need to cut out cow’s milk? – You may or may not need to cut out cow’s milk. Again I look at this individually and explain why
  • Cross-contamination prevention – detailed training given
  • I include a discussion on molecular mimicry (if applicable) – also called cross-reactivity
  • Additional allergies and intolerance information
  • Useful gluten free products
  • Gluten free cooking & recipes
  • Menu planning
  • Gluten in medications and supplements
  • Gluten in personal care and household products.
  • Avoiding gluten at the dentists