Gluten free

All newly diagnosed coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivity should be seen by an experienced registered dietitian.  Thy should NOT be advised by a nutritionist, nutrition therapist, personal trainer and so on. The latter as not suitably qualified to prescribe specialist, medical and therapeutic diets in the UK or Isle of Man. They do not have the clinical expertise or training. Limiting gluten in the diet does carry some risks so it is extremely important to get good advice. The risks include serious nutritional deficiencies (which could result in permanent neurological damage or blindness, for example), lower beneficial bacteria in the gut, possible arsenic poisoning (from too much reliance on rice) and a lack of fibre (resulting in bowel problems).

Following a gluten-free diet may pose greater problems for young children, who should be seen by an experienced paediatric dietitian.

Long term weight loss or too much weight gain is likely if your diet balance is wrong. For those with coeliac disease and autoimmune gluten issues, failure to follow the diet long-term could result in lymphoma or bowel cancer, bone loss, dental defects and depression/mental health issues, and a much-reduced life expectancy. Good dietary compliance increases life expectancy to that of the general population and improves well-being considerably.

That said, there are numerous places on the web to get helpful information but bear in mind this information is very general and not all necessarily appropriate for you.  You are an individual and you should get individual advice. In fact, I find that most people have several diet-related issues.

There are some useful links at the bottom of this page for general information.

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Brightlife have now completed their gluten-free awareness training and I can heartily recommend them as a suitable and safe place for those with gluten issues to eat. The food is wonderful.

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