Why soy may not be gluten-free!

Soy and soya beans are often contaminated with gluten. This may be why so many coeliacs react to them. Further reading <here>

Coeliac patients warned about dietary supplements! – gluten ‘digesters’

There are now a number of supplements on the market that claim to help coeliac patients to avoid gluten damage having ingested it. Researchers found “no scientific basis” for the claims that dietary supplements can digest the toxic components of gluten. More on this here:

coeliac disease supplements


The rise in coeliac disease spurs research

A rapid increase in the global incidence of the condition has researchers scrambling to understand the causes of the trend, and cope with the consequences.

Catherine Offord explores the topic and briefly looks at some of the latest research in The Scientist. For further reading click here.

Gluten-free diet could be linked to type 2 diabetes risk, study suggests

Going gluten-free has been on the rise as a purportedly healthier way to eat — but research out of Harvard University in the United States suggests it could instead be linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes. For more information on this study click here.

Comment from Shem: I think many people now go gluten free as a fad rather than for actual clinical reasons. Registered dietitians (and medical doctors) are the only people PERMITTED to prescribe gluten free diets (in the UK and IOM) with good reason. The diet MUST be carefully balanced and the shortage of nutrients MUST be addressed by taking alternative foodstuffs and nutritional supplements. Registered dietitians are the ONLY medical professionals with the necessary expertise to do this. If you are on a gluten-free diet for ANY reasons please have your diet checked over by a registered dietitian who has experience dealing with them. Failure to manage the diet properly can lead to a number of serious deficiencies, some of which can result in permanent damage to health. Diabetes is just one of these.

As ‘Paleo’ diets can be very similar in content and composition, these should also be checked out by a registered dietitian! Any major change in diet, and especially those that limit major food groups can be risky. For example vegetarian, vegan, milk-free, etc.


Can IBS be Reversed? IBS respondes to gluten free diet.

If you have IBS a trial of gluten free diet is definitely worth trying.

For further reading please click here.

I would like to point out that it really is impossible to manage a gluten free diet without professional help from a registered dietitian.  You need help from someone, such as myself who has a good understanding of coeliac disease. Gluten is everywhere, and in everything from dental retainers to medicines to lip gloss! Even minute amounts will perpetuate symptoms and render the diet useless! You need to be as gluten free as it is possible to get. With help this is achievable.

Does a Gluten-free Diet Mean Higher Arsenic and Mercury Levels

This (American) study finds that those who eat gluten free may have higher levels of mercury and arsenic in their systems.

For further reading please click here

Vaccines Revealed – 9 part docu-series

Are vaccines the biggest human experiement of all time? This 9 part docu-series invites world experts to discuss the issues. It starts January 10th 2017 and is FREE to attend online. You can find more information and register by clicking the link below:

Vaccines Revealed Docu-series

Coeliac disease, gluten free oats & Cheerios

Research suggests that 8% of coeliacs are sensitive to certain varieties of oats. It has been suggested that nearly one in five (20%) may actually have this problem. Perhaps the recent ‘gluten contamination’ issue with Cheerios might have something to do with this. See below for futher information:

Cheerios. Are oats the problem?.